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Super Drink

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  • Prebiotic, Fermented Health Product Made In Japan | Support Your Gut Health, Support Your Immune System 

  •  (1) A blend of 53 types of fruits, grains, edible algae and vegetables 

  • (2) Long-term fermentation of 39 months 

  • (3) Water-free, non-heated and additive-free

  • Dried bonito flakes, natto, miso, soy sauce, wine, yogurt, and cheese, fermented foods based on the accumulated knowledge of food around the world

  •  A blend of fifty-three types of raw ingredients from the ocean and mountains ensures well-balanced benefits of raw ingredients that accumulate sustainable power in each environment, allowing for the production of high-quality fermented foods that support our health
  • 《ESPECIALLY RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO ....》 Who are concerned about lifestyle habits, who are tend to be constipated, who are concerned about aging, who want to age gracefully and who tend toward nutritionally unbalanced diets

Contains 15 Sachets of 3g for Super Drink