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Manda Amino Alpha

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Manda Amino Alpha is a fertilizer created using Manda Koso for plants, which we deliver with confidence. It was developed in  hopes of our founder, Shingoro Matsuura, to be useful for the nature and contribute to the agriculture industry that forms the country's foundation as much as possible. Formulated with a liquid fertilizer mainly of Manda Koso for plants and organic ingredients, it works to promote healthy growth of crops.  

In addition, Manda Amino Alpha Plus contains magnesium for increasing the photosynthetic ability in addition to the ingredients of Manda Amino Alpha. It offers additional benefits for increasing taste and quality of fruits. 

After diluting with 1,000 times as much water, spray it to water.  

Frequency of use is one a week or every ten days. 

*Add 2 ml using an attached measuring cup to a 2 litre water bucket.  

*Diluted liquid cannot be preserved for a long time. Be sure to use all on the same day if possible. Also, be sure to use clean tap water, etc. for the water used for dilution.