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FertilPot Bio degradable Pots (Square)

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  • he FERTILPOT is a biodegradable pot made of wood fibers. It is used and suitable in horticulture, ornamental, viticultural or forestry nurseries, as well as in market gardening.
  • Its penetrability by water, air and roots is exceptional. This property, combined with its good mechanical resistance, has made the success of FERTILPOT throughout the world.
  • FERTILPOT can be used by everyone who are looking for a faster cultivation, an excellent root system and no transplant shock when planting into the soil.

Perfect for:

  • Organic Culture
  • Vegetables/Hydrophonic
  • Nurseries
  • Home Garderner
  • Cities



Product Packaging Quantity Code
FERTILPOT 5x5 Cart 2904 5453.1C
FERTILPOT 9x9 Cart 740 512.C
FERTILPOT 10x18 Pal 3696 571N.H
FERTILPOT 9x9 Col Cart 416 515.C
FERTILPOT 5x5 Cart 2552 545.1C
FERTILPOT 9.3x5 AP Pal 7920 574.01AP
FERTILPOT 9.3x5 Pal 7920 574.01
FERTILPOT 10x18 Cart 180 571N.HC
FERTILPOT 8x8 Cart 864 552.1C
FERTILPOT 4.5x4.5 Cart 1080 5453.HC
FERTILPOT 4.4x4.4 Pal 93184 543.01
FERTILPOT 4.4x4.4 Cart 5760 543.1C1
FERTILPOT 8x8 Pal 6144 543.1C
FERTILPOT 7.5x7 BIG BAG 12960 552.01-2
FERTILPOT 8x8 Pal 2880 552.HB
FERTILPOT 6x6 Cart 14580 552.01
FERTILPOT 6x6 Cart 2268 548.1C