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Beosigner - Vitarights

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The Beosigner from Vitarights Innovations: innovative, unique, effective for your health


Light is a prerequisite for life – the Beosigner emits informed light ®

The Beosigner® is designed to activate the body's self-healing capabilities through a unique technique that transmits beneficial information to cells. These informational patterns, developed through years of empirical research, are conveyed using coherent light rays. This process triggers vital mechanisms responsible for regulating biological systems within the body. The benefits include enhancing the immune system, nervous system, cell metabolism, detoxification processes, and the endocrine system.

The Beosigner® adapts its function based on the body's needs, aiming to strengthen, activate, or regulate as required. It effectively communicates with cells, not only in humans but across all biological systems, including animals and plants. This comprehensive approach promotes a vibrant life by operating at multiple levels: vegetative, mechanical, and biochemical.

For an even more holistic impact, the mental aspect can be addressed by inserting one of the BeoKeys into the Beosigner®. This combination can provide increased energy, joy, motivation, mental balance, stability, concentration, and clarity.

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