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Beosigner - Maxi Set

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A perfect addition to Beosigner, it is used as an elegant base to hold the device securely in place as this is done through the strong magnet inside. The Beosigner
can be installed in five different positions, three horizontally and two vertically so that the beam can be adjusted at different angles and heights to activate food, beverages or care products without the need for hands-free installation.

Maxi Set - Buy more pay less

For the mental level, there are also four different BeoKeys: Power, Joy, Stability and Focus. They can help you feel better again, to feel mentally strong.

1.Beokeys Power - Use BeoKey Power like a lightning rod that buffers stress stimuli.

How it Works: They become more mindful of stress-inducing situations and can build a protective wall against the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Results: You face the challenges of your everyday life with charged batteries.

2.Beokeys JoyPut your trust in the BeoKey Joy, which looks like a smile. Perceiving positive aspects helps to develop visions for life.

How it Works: This attitude has an influence on your well-being, and you are happy about more self-esteem and self-determination.

Results: You start every day with fun and Joyful living.

3.Beokeys Stability: Bring important components of the vegetative control system into balance with the BeoKey Stability.

How it Works: So you can enjoy inner peace and soothing relaxation.

Results: The BeoKey Stability – a supporting pillar for your positive attitude to life.

4.Beokeys Focus: Designed for less distracted, restless to become more decisive, more dynamic and more efficient. Think of BeoKey Focus as a magnifying glass for these processes. 

Results: You focus on the essential points in your life.

5.Beosigner Animal key: The Beosigner® works with Biophoton Technology and has a vitalizing effect on all biological systems. The BeoKey Animal Complete insert, which is specially programmed for animals, contains exactly the information an animal needs to be balanced and vital.

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