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FertileNT Bio Degradable Pots (Round)

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FERTILPOT range is very wide to cope with the diversity of situations. This can be used in organic agriculture and is suitable for both professionals and private individuals. Perfectly natural, It is made exclusively of wood fibers.

Perfect for:

  • Organic Culture
  • Vegetables/Hydrophonic
  • Nurseries
  • Home Garderner
  • Cities


 Pot Type Dimensions Volume Total Numbers in Pack
FERTILPOT NT 10.5 cm 450 cu.m

800 Pots/Carton

18 Cartons/Pallet

FERTILPOT NT 12 cm 600 cu.m

616 pots/carton

12 Carton/Pallets

FERTILPOT NT 14 cm 1000 cu.m

484 Pots/carton

12 Carton/Pallets